Saturday, 16 April 2011

Vanbot - Update

Vanbot will probably be getting a little tired of all the Robyn comparisons by now, but her fizzy, bubbly, high-octane soda pop tunes do in many places sound undeniably similar. Thankfully if we’re going to compare we have in at least one of the songs below a second reference point.

But first have a listen to Ringing, taken from the Vanbot album, which has now been released on her own label Lisch Recordings. Complementing the song we posted the other day - Lost Without You - it probably draws to mind the girl who claimed that ‘Fembots have feelings too’ again. But then there’s the minimal Bad Day, a duet featuring Sebastian Forslund. On this song another fellow Swede comes to mind – Nina Persson of The Cardigans – as Ester (who is Vanbot) croons sadly of heartbreak and loss. “And the worst thing is that you left me when I was wounded,” she laments. Unless you’re incredibly cynical and think the whole thing is just a little clich├ęd then all you will want to do is to hold her and tell her everything will be OK in the end, but that’s kind of hard with just a download. But maybe downloads have feelings too?

If you fancy listening to the album in full, then why not click here.

Bad Day by Vanbot

Ringing by Vanbot

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