Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Jess Mills - Vultures

Breaking More Waves is not normally big on exclusive first posts - when it happens it's more by luck than design. However, in February 2010 we were probably a little bit ahead of the game when we posted a blog about a band called His Girl Friday. No one else seemed to be paying interest but we were. The track that had particularly taken our fancy was a cinematic piece of pop music called Silent Space. You can see it and the blog we wrote here.

One year on and the singer of that band - Jess Mills - has a burgeoning solo career and a major label deal. If you didn’t familiarise yourself with His Girl Friday at the time then you will have almost certainly come across Jess on the explosive Fighting Fire track she constructed with Breakage that set things alight earlier this year. Now Jess is stepping out with an expansive downtempo dark thrill called Vultures. It carries neatly on from where His Girl Friday left off and sits comfortably next to recent Breaking More Waves favourites Alpines and Paper Crows in terms of musical style. We’re streaming it below together with a heavy as sh*t moody late night remix from Photek. Sometimes the most important ingredient of good music is time. Enjoy.

Jess Mills - Vultures

Jess Mills - Vultures (Photek Remix)

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