Saturday, 9 April 2011

Vanbot - New Waves

There’s something a little bit valuable about Robyn. She somehow manages to straddle hip club-bound hedonism and commercial electro-pop sounds with a certain sort of cool underground knowingness that means that whilst she’s never become a massive household name, she’s managed to stick around long enough to be appreciated.

So it probably comes as no surprise to find that as the pop-clock ticks on towards yet another year of nothing-lasts-forever dreary X-Factor contestants (Joe McElderry where are you now?) that a number of Robyn sound-alikes have popped up. We’ve already featured Neon Hitch and now here’s another. Her stage name is Vanbot, and she very much falls into the imitation is the highest form of flattery camp, but that’s fine, because in terms of pop, we’d rather have 100 Robyn-a-likes than 1 Joe McElderry.

We’ve done the mathematics for you and really all you need to know about Vanbot is this simple equation: Vanbot = Ester Ideskog + From Sweden + A lot like Robyn = A very good thing. Her new single Lost Without You is a free download, which for the sake of one click on the arrow on the player below is possibly the best thing you will do today.

Lost Without You by Vanbot

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