Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Clare Maguire - The Shield And The Sword

Right now we’re feeling a bit sorry for Clare Maguire. Her album has not been particularly well received by the press, in fact some of the reviews were pretty damning. We will always defend the right of critics to give an objective and well informed review, but if you’re on the receiving end of the criticism it must feel pretty demoralising, especially when you’ve put your heart and soul into something over a number of years. Artists may say they create something for themselves and if anyone else likes it then that’s a bonus, but if that’s really the case, if they only really want to create it for themselves, then why put it out in the public domain at all? It’s like this blog. If we just wrote it for ourselves we wouldn’t need to publish it. But we do, because we want others to enjoy or be entertained by it and the music that we feature. Somewhere in the public artists psyche there’s a want to be loved.

So today we’re going to shine a ray of light over Clare. Because The Shield And The Sword is her new single and it’s categorically the best song on her album. It’s mighty, passionate and let’s Clare do what she does best – belt out a tune with that big voice of hers. There’s even more sunshine though, because with a video that features near naked muscular gold men, blonde wigs, a swan and our favourite woman’s dress of the year (pictured above) in which she looks amazing, The Shield And The Sword is her best video to date. This is our little way of an internet hug to Clare Maguire. The critics aren’t everything after all.

Clare Maguire – The Shield And The Sword by UniversalMusicPublishing


SimplyTheBaz said...

The Last Dance is AMAZING. The remix of Ain't Nobody that broke her was brilliant. This is very average, and I think it is the weight of expectation after those first two songs that have affected the reaction to this song. Still high hopes that she receives the success she deserves, because her voice is incredible, she just needs the songs to match; and keep the videos simple, be her own person. That 60's outfit simply didn't work in the context of this song/video.

Em said...

I Luvv her,bad I rarely find her tracks and videos,
Thanks for sharing..

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Thanks for the comment Justin - well the 60's dress worked for me, but then I didn't see it in any context at all, I just went hmmm.... I like that. What do you think the context of the video was ?

Em - glad you're feeling the lurve....

Brittani said...

All her songs on that album were amazing. Her emotion and voice are rare rare gems!