Thursday 23 June 2022

NEW #55 Mickey Callisto


On this day fourteen years ago I uploaded my first post on Breaking More Waves. 

Now here we are in 2022. With another. It's my 3,762nd. Wow. I guess that's a marathon not a sprint.

Today's new artist is the antidote to all those Ed Sheeran / Lewis Capaldi / Sam Fender / George Ezra bloke types. His name is Mickey Callisto and he does interstellar space age sizzlers. 

Just don’t expect Mickey to be standing behind a keyboard, distant from a crowd, looking bored when he plays live - because Mickey is a performer. An arse slapping, strutting, body popping, hands in the air, hip thrusting joy of one. Think electronic pop bangers with Freddie Mercury in a club. If you don’t have fun at one of his shows please check your pulse – you are probably dead.

Mickey only has two songs on line: there's the glossily neon sounds of Destructive Love and the hyper-synth-active This Is The Real World, a tune aimed at over privileged who don't understand how regular people live. It's on this one you can hear a hint of Freddie Mercury in the vocals. 

If you want some colour in your pop and that colour is gold, listen to Mickey Callisto. If Breaking More Waves was having a birthday party today, Mickey would be our choice of entertainment. Expect some more bangers from him soon.

Mickey Callisto - Destructive Love