Monday 6 May 2024

Song of the Week - Sofi Tukker - Throw Some Ass


You may not know it butt this is what you knead. A peach of a video and a song that asks you to get off your backside and dance. If your plans have gone a rye, don’t worry, it’s impossible to feel sour when you hear this. Let’s just hope that it makes Sofi Tukker a bit of dough.

Warning: The video contains a beautiful set of buns. And some baguettes that despite being at the pool don’t get soaking wheat all over.

Right. That’s enough bread / ass puns. Song of the week, no question. Possibly tune of the summer. Come on UK, a lot of you are still way behind with Sofi Tukker, stop loafing around and get into them. The album Bread arrives this summer.

Sofi Tukker - Throw Some Ass (Video)