Thursday 6 June 2024

Song of the Week - Picture Parlour - Face in the Picture


Picture Parlour have already ‘faced the music’ from a number of critics for allegedly being the dreaded ‘industry plant’; a meaningless and absolute b*llocks term, that becomes even more meaningless and b*llocks when the people calling them industry plants don’t seem to be explain exactly what they mean or give any evidence of them being such except vague statements like “I know they are.”

I've written about this term in the past, but to summarise, my view of this criticism is the same as the criticism when Lana Del Rey first had success with Video Games and certain loudmouths seemed more interested in talking about her lips (and debating if she had had work done) rather than the music: I couldn’t care a bit. And I don't think the majority of the music listening public do either.

Yes, there is a discussion to be had around privilege in the music industry (assuming that’s what using the criticisms of Industry Plant are actually about) but I’m not sure that simply slagging off artists on Twitter is really the way encourage productive dialogue and change. It just gets people’s backs up. Especially if your criticisms are not backed up by cold hard facts; you just end up looking like an angry child.

However, ultimately, I couldn’t care if Picture Parlour is a fictional band created by some very clever AI if the songs are good. After all I quite liked Boney M. 

Which brings us to Face In The Picture. Their new song. (That’s Picture Parlour’s new one – not Boney M's ). It’s one I shared a live clip of a few weeks ago on my Instagram Story (I’m at breakingmorewavespics for music stuff and robin_seamer for personal stuff if you want to follow). 

To cut to the chase. It’s very good. At less than 3 minutes long Face In The Picture bursts in with a searing hook and big riffs that would sound equally at home in a small underground club or a huge stadium. It’s a fists pumping the air track that aims to remind us that emotional wounds can fade as time passes, but they never truly heal. 

It’s taken from the band’s forthcoming EP. The video (below) is shot in black and white and has an old fashioned cinematic quality.

You’ll find this song on the latest update of the Breaking More Waves New Music Weekly playlist, which is released tomorrow.

Picture Parlour - Face In The Picture