Thursday, 3 March 2011

Polarsets - Sunshine Eyes

Ever since the second summer of love in 1988-89 and the rave explosion it’s been ok for UK indie music to strut its way with arrogant cockiness to the dance floor. From Primal Scream’s classic Screamadelica to the more modern hip-spasming grooves of the likes of Friendly Fires and the debut Klaxons album, indie kids have been rollicking to ‘avin it large beats and necking clarity destroying drugs on the dance floor.

Newcastle’s Polarsets are another group that suit that vibe perfectly – their clattering tropical rhythms and ready for the weekend synth riffs are filled with enough lucozade energy to create a minor sweat soaked indie club frenzy where busy teens and twenty somethings are getting busy with the fizzy. Having introduced the Polarsets sound to you back in January (here) we’re now streaming their new single Sunshine Eyes which is to be released through the French Kitsuné label. A jangly clutter of percussion and uplifting synth stabs its music to make you forget that sometimes life can be a bit crap. Now who fancies a dance?

Polarsets - Sunshine Eyes (finished)

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