Friday, 4 March 2011

Duologue - Get Out While You Can

Music bloggers are a verbose and earnest bunch sometimes aren’t they? Take this quote “Duologue’s sound billows like a gust of desert dust and city dirt.” Or this one “A sultry cut of melancholic beauty that simmers phosphorescently on bedroom beats and ochre orchestration.” You see, sometimes we get a little over the top. As the creative ideas of rock and pop music enter the angry about speed bumps, sagging waistline, cardigan wearing equivalent of middle age it becomes very easy but incredibly boring for every blog post just to be a list of comparisons with other bands and genre categorisations, so sometimes imaginative description is required to jazz things up a little.

Alas when we introduced Duologue back in November last year we went for the straightforward and direct approach, talking about electronic beats, rock riffs and Radiohead. Maybe it would have been more exciting to describe their song Cut and Run as “A kinetic and malevolent beast that turns monochrome into a glistening rainbow of blood,” or other pretentious bollocks, but we didn’t and therefore failed to achieve hip blogger status.

So as we hang our heads in shame and shuffle off back to our indie / pop / electronic / folk I tunes playlists, we’ll continue to keep it straight and just give you some basic facts that you probably don’t yet know about Duologue. Because this is a band that up to now have been keeping things pretty much to themselves. Duologue are a five piece, consisting of founding members Tim Digby Bell on vocals and Toby Leeming doing live programming and beats backed up by a violinist, guitarist and bass player. The group are London based and have a four track EP due soon – the lead track Get Out While You Can streams and is available for free download below. It’s a powerful opus of blown-out rock riffs and bone-bruising computer beats that savages the heart with spat-out kicked-in devastation. And for now that’s as wordy and pretentious as we get.

Duologue - Get Out While You Can (free download)

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