Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pris - We Hate You

“DON'T YOU JUST HATE BANDS WHO DJ? WE DO. WE HAVE A NEW SONG, SIMPLY CALLED, WE HATE YOU (NOT YOU, THEM)” shouts the latest tweet from our new blog loves (and favourites of Manic Street Preacher Nicky Wire) post-punk-popsters Pris. You know we’re going to love it before we’ve even heard it – and they’re right – we do hate bands who DJ. It has been known in our experience for groups to turn up for a paid DJ slot, get their roadies to do all the mixing (or even worse just use an iPod) whilst they drink all the rider and get members of their entourage to find drunk, desperate, ugly students to perform sexual favours behind the DJ booth. Nasty.

Bloggers DJing are probably just as bad, after all we can be a horrendously earnest bunch (but at least would never go the ugly student route – we have better taste). We're constantly analysing every song, only posting tracks on the basis of so called 'musical merit and quality' which frankly is a load of old tosh - we really do climb up our own arses now and then don't we? Sometimes we forget that the best pop culture isn’t about the music at all. It’s about the haircuts, the attitude, getting up and having a go, the fashion, the sex, the drugs, the good times, the hangovers, and everything in between. Pris understand this. If you met them in the dark corners of an indie disco, they’d probably have you naked, rob you of your money and scribe the word IDIOT on your forehead with lipstick before you even knew it. Here’s their new song – it really doesn’t matter what you think of it, they probably don’t care.

We Hate You by I Love Pris

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