Friday, 11 March 2011

Just A Number 05272011 - New Waves

Blogpop. Is it a new genre? Popjustice certainly think so, having mentioned it today. Of course it can’t be can it? Blogs are so broad and so all-encompassing that there can be no such thing. Yet the number of times the phrase ‘big on the blogs’ crops up these days would suggest that there may be something in it. If we were going to put forward a definition, then maybe blogpop is slightly cool off-kilter underground music that is still listenable enough that it can cross over to the masses? Maybe, but then again maybe not. How you can define a sound just by the fact that a bunch of internet geeks are writing about it?

However if blogpop does exist then over the last few days a number of blogs have gone into overdrive as they unearth a shining example of it. Just A Number 05272011 is an odd name, if indeed that is the artist's name, there's very little information out there right now. However you can be assured that if there's one thing most music blogs like it's is some sort of enigma to chase - the classic "shouded by a veil of mystery," or "we know very little about this artist," quotes will appear regularly. The name perhaps signifies a release date – your guess is as good as ours, but forgetting the internet gossip the important thing is that their brand of eccentric electronic chamber-bop, which sounds a little like a madcap version of The Knife, is going down very well indeed. So at the risk of turning into a sheep, here they are on Breaking More Waves as well, because Just A Number 05272011 sounds like a majorly great piece of blogpop.

THE PAIN by Just a number 05272011

He Didn't Want A Love Song from just a number 05272011 on Vimeo.

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