Saturday, 26 March 2011

Oh My! - New Waves

“Hey you, walk away. I don't want you anyway. Don't you turn around. Don't you know, we run this town!!!,” the new girl-pop-duo Oh My! demand as they announce themselves to the world and commence their possible bid for stardom. If pop music is a hotel and Lady Ga Ga is the bridal suite, Katy Perry the luxury room and Ellie Goulding is a standard single with shared bathroom then Oh My! just entered reception. Time will tell if they’re able to check in or if there’s no room and they're sleeping on the park bench.

If Oh My! are allowed in then the hope would be that they stay in room 679 for this is the record label they’ve signed with - home to the likes of Marina and The Diamonds, Little Boots, Spark and The Streets. We’d also quite like them to room-buddy with Pris – an altogether punkier, trashier d-i-y band we featured recently here – Oh My! being the poppier more polished version of what Pris could become if they sold their souls to ‘the man’.

So what do Oh My! sound like? Well, take the radio-friendly girl chanting of the likes of Shampoo, Banananrama, The Spice Girls, We’ve Got A Fuzzbox, The Belle Stars and The Go Team (there’s a list!) put them all together in a modern day blender (not literally – they wouldn’t all fit and the resultant whisked up old pop star remains would be a bit messy) and voilà Oh My! become the latest shouty-singer-girls with attitude to arrive on planet pop.

With backing from Example who is working with them in the studio, nice coats, good hair that is in the premier league rather than the Premier Inn ( © bad hotel puns) of La Roux / Jedward quiffdom and a parrot (not an official member of the band) Oh My! have already got a few tongues wagging. You can download debut track Run This Town for free below. Bigger things are to come from Alex and Jade – for these are the names of the twosome who form Oh My! Keep watching.

OH MY! Run This Town by OhMyOfficial

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