Friday, 7 January 2011

Polarsets - New Waves

Electronic, indie, British, alternative, pop, indie pop, synthpop, electronica and electro are some of the tags Hype Machine uses to describe Breaking More Waves. It also uses female blogger, which we would strongly debate, but maybe Hype Machine thinks that because of our tone*. We need to learn to swear more and get excited about scrum down rock thrills perhaps?

But in applying these tags Newcastle’s Polarsets fit the Breaking More Waves bill very nicely. If we were talking genres then Polarsets would be indie dance – or more specifically rhythmic- indie-cowbell-trance. If you want more then let’s put some bands up for comparison. We’d suggest that Polarsets are part of a musical family created by a love in between Friendly Fires and Fenech Soler at a late night rave. However, maybe the best classification of Polarsets sound comes from their own Facebook page, where they describe themselves as ‘Ibiza Indie’.

From the picture above we can deduce a number of things about Polarsets. One – that there are three of them. Two – that they are all male. And three, without having even heard a note, they like synthesisers. Our powers of investigation are quite immense, we think you’ll agree. Burrowing even deeper we have discovered that in ten years time the band want to be on a beach in Cuba drinking Budvar waiting for Pixie Lott to get ready for their night out, that they are inspired by people who dance like no-one is around and that before they became Polarsets they jammed in a prog rock band called The Preserves back in school. We can discover all of this very easily because Polarsets, rather cleverly and unlike many other bands, have chosen a name that is easy to Google.

Polarsets produce shiny twisting funk-filled rave that should guarantee them moments of summer festival hedonism, as their two initial singles, the tropical cowbell groove of Morning (recorded over a lunch of seafood pizza) and the heady punch-the-air disco nursery hooks of Leave Argentina show. British indie dance kids, they're for you. Let’s dance like no-one is watching.

Polarsets - Leave Argentina by jenanderson

Polarsets - Leave Argentina (Thomas Sagstad & Mike Hawkins Remix) by jenanderson

Polarsets - Morning (Giom Remix) by jenanderson

* Since this blog was written over a week ago before posting, Hype Machine seems to have stopped classifying us as a lady, which is kind of good to know - we have certainty now.

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