Thursday, 31 March 2011

Paper Crows / Alpines / Labyrinth Ear - A Triangle Of Synthtopian Goodness

Right now there’s a trio of new male / female Brit electronic dabbling duo’s who are following the traditions of Eurythmics, Goldfrapp and Yazoo but in a more modern context. Each is pressing all the right keys both on their laptops and Breaking More Waves musical consciousness to make the heart race a little faster. Having featured every one of these duos a number of times, now seems a perfect moment to bring them together into some sort of triangle of electrifying brilliance. The reason for this is that two of the three, Paper Crows and Alpines, have released their respective singles this week - Fingertips / Follow The Leader and the Night Drive EP. To complete matters, the third point of our three sided musical polygon - Labyrinth Ear - played a gig a few of nights back where Breaking More Waves was in attendance. Now if someone could put all of these three acts on one bill at one gig or festival that would be all sorts of amazing. Possibly even A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Promoters are you reading? Thank you.

Whilst waiting for new material from all three, today is an end of the month mop up exercise bringing you the fine remixes and tracks that each duo has unleashed that haven’t yet featured on Breaking More Waves. From Labyrinth Ear we have Wild Flowers – the only song we haven’t streamed from their debut self-released Oak EP, a polar piece of art-disco. From Paper Crows we feature the batshit mental Megabit remix of the flip side of their current single, whilst Alpines deliver the blissfully cool Dark Sky remix of Ice and Arrows, which is already gaining significant love. Take your pick, whatever you choose they’re full of synthtopian goodness.

Wild Flowers by Labyrinth Ear

Paper Crows - Follow The Leader (Megabit remix) by Sainted PR

Ice And Arrows (Dark Sky Remix) by Alpines


Anonymous said...

Alpines + Dark Sky all the way...epic

Anonymous said...

Gotta love those Alpines.