Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Polarsets - Sunshine Eyes (Remixes)

Taking the indie-dance template to frantic new levels of hands-in-the-air-laser madness Geordie boys Polarsets new single Sunshine Eyes was premiered on Breaking More Waves earlier this month. Now it’s remix time. Not any old remix though. First there’s Kid Adrift who drops his usual heavy synth rock beat laden intensity to deliver something gently fluttering and floaty and just a little bit flirtatious. Like all the best sex Kid Adrift’s version is in no rush to reach a climax, but when it does it’s euphorically blissful and huge, yet it’s not necessarily the climax you would expect. The Kel Skies mix is a more obvious weekend starts here dance floor banger; sweaty, pulsing, ready for boys to pull their tops off and dance gurning with fists clenched. That just leaves the most absorbing of the three - the Jensen Sportag mix. It starts with what sounds like an electronic tap drip and a tension building bass sound before it slowly finds a groove whilst all sorts of oddness goes on around it.

Having already supported the likes of Ellie Goulding, De La Soul, Everything Everything and Fenech Soler and having won a 150-act-strong competition to play Wickerman Festival the band are headlining their own tour in late April / May. No south coast date though boys? Shame on you. Sunshine Eyes dawns on April 18 through Kitsune.

Sunshine Eyes (Kid Adrift mix)

Sunshine Eyes (Kel Skies mix)

Sunshine Eyes (Jensen Sportag mix)

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Jack said...

came across Kid Adrift through this blog almost a year ago, have read and very much enjoyed ever since. Love these remixes! Keep the good stuff coming