Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Star Slinger - Mornin'

Hit count. It’s the dreaded word that some bloggers obsess over – particularly those who are generating some income through advertising on their blog or using their blog to further their lives in some way. Luckily we don’t have to worry about that too much – as long as somebody is reading / listening we’re happy and we fully intend to remain ad-free and independent.

The fact that we’ve more than doubled our monthly hit count and feed subscription over the last year is nice, but by no means essential and probably has more to do with the increased number of posts and traffic directed from other sites such as Hype Machine, Shuffler FM and Elbows than the brilliance of Breaking More Waves. Being well networked seems to be the route to increased exposure on the internet and it’s something that if we’re honest we don’t work particularly hard at.

Star Slinger however seems to be using the internet to his advantage massively, connecting with music bloggers around the world and finding himself as one of the most blogged artists on Hype Machine. His hit count is most definitely up – let’s just hope he manages to turn it into something of real value for himself.

You could therefore ask the question, why post yet another blog about Star Slinger, having already featured him back in January on Breaking More Waves? The answer is simple, our criteria for posting doesn’t relate to how many other bloggers are posting an artist or not, but simply if we love the music.

So today we’re bringing you Mornin’. The accompanying video went to the internet just a few days ago. It’s an awkward bleary summer-soul jam that makes up for the fact that that next Avalanches album never arrived. That’s really all you need to know. Get connected with it.

Star Slinger - Mornin' by Star Slinger


emmdee said...

If I were massively pedantic I would have to point out that 'hit count' is a phrase not a word... but I don't think that contributes to the conversation. And what did happen to the Avalanches?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Yes that is massively pedantic but also of course correct.

Not going to change it though - after all it's all about the music, not the language. Isn't it ?

The Avalanches fell off somewhere.