Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spark - Crave

There’s a certain irony that as many of the UK’s Councils make difficult choices about their reduced funding from central government and announce proposed closures of many libraries, that two regularly featured artists on this blog are about to go on a tour entitled Get It Loud In Libraries. We only hope that the two raven haired lasses involved – Spark and The Good Natured still have venues to play in by the time the tour gets underway in March. It’s also our hope that some of the artists who do these tours have the bravery to make some statements about what is happening to the UK’s libraries and on a wider scale our public services – the future doesn’t look particularly bright and it seems at the moment that there are very few pop stars who are prepared to make any sort of comment – too concerned for any backlash effect it could have on their careers perhaps, or maybe they don't think it's their role - but pop stars can influence people - there's proof through history.

Political comment out of the way, here is the brand new single from one of those two artists we spoke of. It’s called Crave and it’s by Spark. Of Spark, Popjustice recently said. ‘We have a vision of the next nine months for Spark and it's going to be hard work, but the tough slog will be a little easier with more tunes like bombastic first proper single Crave.’ It seems a good assessment of both Spark, the world of pop right now and this song. With its traditional Indian influences, ‘Oh-way-oh’ vocal hook and epic chorus that isn’t that far removed from Rihanna this is a song that could certainly be a hit, but radio play will of course be essential. If we were on a radio show, we’d give it a spin. Oh hold on…. What’s this? Did someone shout The Guestlist? Yes that’s our involvement in a bit of radio magic. We’re on bi-weekly every Wednesday from 8-10pm and you can listen online here, the next show being 16 February.

Crave by Spark (sparkthemusic)

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