Friday, 18 February 2011

Alpines - Drive (Youth Kills Remix)

As we predicted just over a week or so ago, the online presence of Alpines epic doom-pop is beginning to grow, with a number of blogs including We Like It Indie, The Recommender, Kick Kick Snare and The Mahogany Blog all featuring the London duo in the last few days – and quite rightly so. For their single Drive (which is now available on I-Tunes) is a heavily spacious and powerful piece of work all contained within a freeze frame of three minutes and fifty three seconds.

Now we’d like to present to you this rather majestic remix by Youth Kills. It retains the key ingredients of the song but morphs it into something bigger, bolder and more strip-off-and-dance-in-the-storm-naked-and-tribal, conjuring up images of being swept off your feet by Florence & the Machine, Zola Jesus and a circle of one thousand computerised Burundi drummers. This is what we want.

The name Youth Kills may be familiar to you, having previously created a superb mix of Young Blood by The Naked and Famous (which you can hear here), which received a fair amount of love late last year. If you haven’t heard the name until now you may remember a pop duo named Lite N Dark who we got pretty excited about (here and here). There’s a link because Youth Kills is Tim from Lite N Dark’s new project. We’re big fans of his work, we’re big fans of Alpines, put the two together and it becomes utterly fantastic.

Drive (YOUTH KILLS Remix) - Alpines by YOUTHKILLS

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