Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spark - Crave (MNEK's Floor Owner Mix)

So this is how some blogs work. Host a free download from a PR company (see below). Make sure it’s a remix. Post some words that make you sound cool. Hit publish. Total time spent 2 minutes. Simple.

Today for once we fancy doing that (but without the coolness), after all we’ve posted forty wordy blogs this month so far and that’s a hell of a lot for a ‘hobby’ blogger with a full time job, family and a life outside of a laptop. So let’s be kiss me quick today – we’ll leave the slow long tender stuff for another time. If you want to hear the original of the song and read more words, we suggest you click here.

This is a rather frantic everything-but-the-kitchen-sink foot-to-the-floor remix of the current Spark single Crave by 16 year old boy-wonder producer / singer / songwriter / remixer MNEK. As the man says himself “That's pronounced M-N-E-K. M-Neck – Incorrect. M-Neek – Incorrect". Got that ? Time’s up. We’re out of here.

Spark - Crave (MNEK's Floor Owner Mix)

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