Friday, 4 February 2011

Polock - Fireworks

The word ‘organic’ is used by music PR companies to describe the way that music bloggers find tracks, songs and artists that are not led by the PR company themselves. If you read a variety of websites and music blogs you’ll soon get to realise which ones are just 100% PR company led and the ones that are actually finding artists ‘organically’, searching for great new music be it via the web, seeing bands live or hearing bands on the radio. Of course, as we’ve said before there’s really no such thing as true unique discovery of new music – someone has always got there before you, even if it’s just the bands parents who drove them to the gig that night to play.

Ultimately though how and where sites discover their music is irrelevant – all that matters is if the content they feature is amazing.

In terms of our methods of seeking out the new, Breaking More Waves certainly takes note of what PR companies send us, but also pride ourselves on finding music organically. Today however we doth our hats to the excellent Line of Best Fit website, who just yesterday brought to our attention Polock, a five-piece from Valencia, Spain. Their song Fireworks is filled to the brim with overjoyed guitar licks and radiant toe-tap-tappity rhythms that simply cannot fail to make you grin so hard that your face will probably fall of. Of course the Valencian people know a thing or two about fireworks with their incredible Fallas festival – one of the craziest gunpowder spectacles you could ever witness, and whilst this song doesn’t quite reach those explosive levels, it’s certainly chirpy enough to make you feel a bit sparky. “One, two, three, four, five, we are young and proud, sitting at the edge of the world, to see the fireworks,” begin the lyrics and straight away on first listen we were jubilantly hooked. We’re sure you will be as well. The track streams below together with a remix from Eim Ick which slowly builds from a quiet start into something perfect for chasing sunsets to, plus a video of the song played acoustically on the beach in Barcelona.

Polock - Fireworks by Mushroom Pillow

Polock - Fireworks (Eim Ick Remix) by Mushroom Pillow

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