Monday, 14 February 2011

Spark - Crave (Video)

Last week we brought you the first ‘major’ single by SparkCrave. Now here’s the video.

Now this is how things work. Pop singer produces pop video. Music blogger watches several times. Music blogger writes comments on the video possibly diverting into other commentary that may or may not centre around the pop singer. Music blogger doesn’t feel the need to comment about the music, because that’s already been done in the previous post. If the pop singer doesn’t like the analysis of their pop video then really they shouldn’t have let the public watch it. We will all inevitably make our own judgements from bad to good to amazing.

For this video Spark sends us a visual message that she’s just a little gritty, a little self-assured, a little street (that’s as in streetwise street, not actually a little tarmac construction with pavement either side) and a little unaware that someone seems to have left the lights and lasers on from (we assume) some sort of house party that occurred earlier. This we think you will agree is not very good for Spark’s carbon footprint.

In terms of other commentary, in relation particularly to blogs, we’d like to add that despite Spark being initially marketed through ‘trendy’ boutique singles on Pure Groove and Neon Gold this major label single has not picked up much headwind yet with the types of blog who normally fawn over the releases from these labels, although Crave has received decent coverage so far from pure pop websites and blogs. But blogs aside (which may or may not have much influence), as we said before in our previous blog, the most important thing Spark needs with this single for pop success is probably strong radio playlisting. Time will tell if she gets that.

And our judgement on the video? Quite good, but not amazing. But you will of course make your own mind up. So in that respect this commentary is pointless.

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