Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bright Light Bright Light - How To Make A Heart

Taken from his forthcoming album Make Me Believe In Hope ( a rather wonderfully positive sentiment) here’s a new song from Bright Light Bright Light - a bowling lane smooth piece of electronic pop called How To Make A Heart. Retaining his very 90’s dance influence, this is more like slow motion Bright Light Bright Light – nothing is too rushed, the song gradually evolving from its slow fluent electronic beginning towards an elevated chorus punctuated toward the end with glossy keyboard stabs.

A number of the songs on the Bright Light Bright Light album have been co-written with Andy Chatterley who has previously produced and written for the likes of Kylie and the Pussycat Dolls, so it doesn’t take a significant amount of brainpower to deduce that it's going to be a pop-punch full of gigantically hooky classic synth-dance pop songs. If we could drink the tunes of Bright Light Bright Light they'd be a cocktail of smoothies and champagne - shiny, unruffled and yet full of bubbles. We’re looking forward to taking a big gulp.

How To Make A Heart by brightlightx2

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James said...

I am slightly obsessed with him at the moment. He's great love too. The music video for this is lovely.