Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Paper Crows - Follow The Leader ( George Lenton Remix)

With its gentle piano twinkles, wobbly dubstep surges and big euphoric spacey-synth washes this new remix by George Lenton of Breaking More Waves favourites Paper Crows (was it really last summer when we first wrote about them, time flies doesn’t it?) certainly captures the zeitgeist and sounds hugely impressive. It makes us want to use words like spiritual, moody and ghostly to join the dots and then colour it all in with a variety of shades of grey and black. As we've said before there's a whole wave of darker pop bands (and in particular duo's) emerging from the tunnels right now, and Paper Crows, together with Alpines are two of our favourites.You can download and stream the remix below.

Incidentally if you’re of a certain age you’ll be pleased to know that it’s OK for you to dance to dubstep – its lack of high energy tempo means you can bend your knees a bit and move around nice and gently, thereby not inducing back pain or heart attack. We’re expecting a dubstep for dads LP very soon - record labels please take note.

But back to Paper Crows. Having recently played one of the over the top titled Next Big Thing events in London, Paper Crows are now getting out on the road a little and also have some festival dates announced including Live at Leeds and Brighton’s Great Escape, where line- up clashes permitting we’ll be doing our best to catch the duo’s dynamic sound and hopefully tweeting about it. If you fancy us tweeting you up, why not just click here. Now please press play. Thank you.

Paper Crows - Follow The Leader (George Lenton remix)

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