Monday, 7 February 2011

Fixers - Iron Deer Dream (Chad Valley Remix)

Although we’re not one of those blogs that just posts random remixes to get hits through Hype Machine, there’s no denying that occasionally a little (or even big) remix will come along and grab our attention. What we particularly like is when two artists we’ve previously blogged get their hands on each other and form something that sounds exactly 50% like one act and 50% like the other. This is why this new version of Iron Deer Dream by Fixers, remixed by Oxford neighbour Chad Valley (possibly more of him soon) gets us pulling a schoolboy-esque thumbs up pose. Shimmery house styled piano and floaty reverb layered vocals bring a bronzed tinge to what was already a very warm sounding song. We’re thinking palm trees, we’re thinking chilled out nightclubs and we’re thinking cocktails.

Fixers are out on tour in the UK this week and we’ll be catching them live later this week so look out for a few tweets on that from our twitter.

Now – if you’ve come here from Hype Machine why not stay a while and check out some of the other music we feature. You might even find a new musical friend?

Iron Deer Dream (Chad Valley Remix) by Fixers.

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