Friday, 1 October 2010

Yuck - Rubber

Here’s a dirty druggy beauty of a song to lose yourself in. Rubber is the new single from lo-fi fuzz rock kids Yuck and is released as a slab of 12” vinyl on the 26th October. A droning, squalid squall of a tune that loads up the megawatts, it kicks in at an immense seven minutes plus, virtually guaranteeing it no radio play. Surely only the bravest of DJ’s will take up on something that long? Fear not though because Rubber streams for your listening pleasure below.

Yuck are out on tour in the UK throughout October and are preparing an album for release. For now Rubber sets the stall. For fans of Sonic Youth, Pavement, J Masics, Jesus and the Mary Chain and a whole host of other seminal noise-makers Yuck are just the ticket.

Rubber by Yuck

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