Friday, 1 October 2010

James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now)

Indie-rock, new-folk, synth-pop, hip-hop, whatever the genre one of our most consistent arguments that we regurgitate regularly on the blog is that nothing is new – all music is just following tradition, re-assembling the past and twisting it for new ears.

Of all the genres that you can define, dubstep is probably the one that is least rooted in custom, although even then it’s evolved from other less elderly genres into the dark near-mainstream beast it is today.

Some of the more interesting artists out there are the ones who are taking the dubstep template but shifting it slightly into something different. Mount Kimbie, Babe Rainbow, and Burial are all producers creating warped off-centre music that finds a dark space in your heart and the emphasis here is on the word space. I Only Know (What I Know) Now from the Klavierwerke EP by James Blake is another elegantly ambient piece that fits this mould, taking samples of vocal, snatches of piano and lazy beats to create something that takes you into the darkness and comfort of Blake’s musical cocoon. And don't you just love the way the Soundcloud player pattern looks like a missile firing ?

I Only Know What I Know Now- James Blake by Anorak London

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