Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sunday Girl - Stop Hey

Back in the summer we wrote some lies about Sunday Girl. It was our attempt to make some points about arguments put forward by the band Yeasayer concerning the concept of lazy journalism. Read it by clicking here, it makes more sense. Of course the concept of lazy musicians playing the same songs in the same order night after night at gigs is not something we're going to mention. Oh, whoops. But before we get too critical let’s move on with some more facts about the subject of this blog.

1. Sunday Girl actually got her name because on every other Sunday bloggers line up outside her flat dressed as members of the band Blondie and are taken roughly by the lady herself in a variety of sexual positions. They never come back for more, but come Monday you can guarantee there will be some new Sunday Girl blogs out on the interweb.

2. She wishes she was better at knitting.

3. Her favourite meal is a pork loin joint from Lidl.

4. She will be out on tour in the UK with Ellie Goulding and Bright Light Bright Light in late October and November which promises to be a poptastic evening of fun.

Two of these facts are currently not 100% confirmed and were probably made up by a lazy blogger for a cheap laugh.

So here’s the obligatory paragraph where we talk about the new single Stop Hey by Sunday Girl and tell you what we think of it, because that’s part of the reason this blog exists - it's a vehicle for us to arrogantly and forcefully push our opinions out into the world, like it or not. We really are very evil aren't we ?

The phrase that best comes to mind is “Not bad.” Jade’s voice is quite seductive, like a husky Ellie Goulding. There’s a bit around 2.19 where the track breaks down and seems to imitate the All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers vocally. It sounds very much of the moment, in terms of high value production female fronted synth pop, with a certain classy girl next door charm. We don’t really understand the umbrellas or the step-ladders, but then with pop music and videos do we really need to analyse and understand everything? Sometimes it’s just enough for a video to look good – and this certainly achieves that objective. Watch and listen yourself below. Indie / rock / folk / fans or those who do not like pop can click close now.

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