Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Good Natured - Be My Animal

Until yesterday Radio 1’s Fearne Cotton was in our view the embodiment of pure evil – the Anti-Christ of radio. Proof is that on our Twitter we get regular suggestions from Twitter itself that we should follow her, even although we have tweeted our hatred of young Fearne. It's all part of her blonde-bland evil world domination plan. Plus she seems to think Scouting For Girls are amazing. In fact she seems to think everything is amazing. Or beautiful. Ok that’s a little strong, in reality Fearne is probably a wonderful and gorgeous human being, we hear she does a lot of work for charity, but we have never been a fan of her output. Sorry. But then yesterday for a few blissful minutes Fearne redeemed herself. She aired the first daytime Radio 1 play of our sometimes blogged countess of dark electro pop – The Good Natured.

Last month we gave you the video and download of the B side to the new single, and now it’s time to throw out the whole shebang, with the A side - Be My Animal. “Kill me now, kill me now,” intones lead singer Sarah icily. “Sinking my teeth into you, it’s not enough, it’s not enough,” she also adds provocatively. Add in a significant amount of rubbing up against walls and flexing her arms and fingers in a slightly “I’m quite arty really,” way in the video and what you have is a moderately disturbing pop tune – in a good way. For once, if it’s good enough for Fearne ‘She-Devil’ Cotton, it’s good enough for us.

The single and video stream below, and for those who like a freebie (and let’s face it, many of you won’t even read the ‘comedy’ text we’ve written here) your eyes will be peering selfishly downwards towards the little download arrow below - we’ve also put a slow mournful cover version of The Wombats new single – Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) by The Good Natured up with this post for your pleasure. Fearne if you’re reading, you can have a download as well, then let’s meet for a drink and sort out this attitude problem we have with you. Maybe we’ll even become friends and then Breaking More Waves can come on your ITV 2 show. It would be as Fearne would say, 'amazing'. In the meantime here’s The Good Natured

The Good Natured - Be My Animal by partisanpr

The Good Natured - Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) by partisanpr


lesley said...

just working myself into her sound. it's got a tegan and sara feel to it; i'm just listening to 'tokyo' now. i'll try the other you've posted as well. uncertain to begin but i like it as it plays. i'm going to repeat now. i liked your post. quite humorous actually. :) cheers for this!

lesley said...

right! me again. i have a new favorite. thanks much! xx

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

No worries. Our pleasure !