Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hurts - Stay

Dear Hurts,

Thank you for being a great pop band throughout the year. Thank you for being a duo that has promoted debate and argument on the blogs, in the pub and at gigs. Thank you for bringing pretention and suits into the arena and showing that there are different ways to do things – even if ultimately nearly everything has been done before. Thank you for playing one of our favourite gigs of the year. Thank you for making our grey world seem a little brighter. Thank you for looking amazing. Thank you for making one of our favourite albums of 2010. Thank you for your clear vision and understanding of pop music as an intellectual and emotional concept. Thank you for turning out exactly as we hoped. Thank you Hurts for just being. You gave us Happiness, and sometimes that is all music can do.

Yours emotionally

Breaking More Waves

Stay. New single. November 15th

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