Saturday, 23 October 2010

Kyla La Grange - Update

Do you ever bother reading the text on a music blog? Or do you just press the scroll down button and head straight for the audio content hoping to scavenge more free downloads? Well if you do that’s cool with us, but just consider you might miss something. OK, we admit, we’ve done it as well. Sometimes we go straight to the music and then if we like it we go back to the text. If the music’s rubbish then normally it’s “goodbye blog”.

So whatever way you’ve arrived here, either buy clicking play and then scrolling up or slowly working your way down to the bottom, we thank you. We won’t keep you long, just some basic facts.

The artist below is Kyla La Grange. We wrote about her last spring here and here. Ninety per cent of what you need to know is there. The other ten is next. It’s a mini update.

If you’re going (or have been) to see Sting’s lass I Blame Cocco on her October / November dates then Kyla La Grange is the support act. Make sure if you're going you get there early because (controversially) we think she’s much better. Kyla has a rather excellent new song – Courage – up on her Myspace – a dark brooding layered folk number with subtle sixties Phil Spector styled rumbling drums. ‘It's about wanting to be brave enough to walk away from someone because you know they don't love you as much as you love them,’ Kyla told Zeitgeist blog. Since our earlier posts Kyla has been playing more gigs and continues to record. Hopefully we will hear more new material soon. That’s it for now. Kyla’s star is slowly rising. Here’s the other (older) track currently on her Myspace, it’s called Lambs. Thank you for reading. Now if you haven't done so already do the inevitable and press play.

01 Lambs by Kyla La Grange


Rupe 111 said...

brilliant brilliant brilliant can't stop listening

Skryst said...

Reminds me of that Maria Mckee song from Top Gun in the 80's. Love it. Thanks for drawing it to my attention.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

You mean Show Me Heaven ?

Good spot - Maria (and her band Lone Justice) were great.

Anonymous said...

so... now that Lambs has officially been released and offered for free on SoundCloud (i have a copy)... can you set me up with the earlier demo version of Lambs...? i actually liked that version more... better balance, i felt, more raw, and i liked the vocal mix. a little help? :)

i can provide contact details on request...

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Sorry afraid I can't.