Thursday, 14 October 2010

Let's Buy Happiness - The Mahogany Sessions

Let’s Buy Happiness may have only released one independent single, with another to follow next week, but they are already becoming firm Breaking More Waves favourites. We've previously posted about Six Wolves which is released on the eighteenth of October and today would like to bring to your attention this tenderly crafted acoustic version of the song the band recorded for a video for The Mahogany Sessions, run by The Mahogany Blog. Listen to the way the guitars weave and snake around each other, yet jigsaw fit perfectly. Then above them painting the whole thing with the sweetest of delicacies there’s lead singer Sarah’s crystalline vocal; it sounds so perfectly natural, with absolutely no contrivance, her Geordie accent giving a charming lilt to the words.

The band recorded a second song Clean Mistake, a gentle piece of beauty that further cements the group in our hearts and convinces us that heaven does exist – it’s just that it’s been renamed Newcastle.

The videos of both songs stream below, together with the original recording of the single. Let’s Buy Happiness are redefining the word gorgeous. We could sit and listen to nothing else all day. Why don’t you?

Let's Buy Happiness 'Six Wolves' by letsbuyhappiness

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