Wednesday 13 October 2010

Alpines - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Right now Alpines are perfectly positioned. With The XX providing one of the albums of last year and then shuffling off with the Mercury prize plus artists such Zola Jesus and Salem gaining critical acclaim with their individual breeds of gloom-factor, any band describing their sound as 'Night Pop' must be in with a shadowy chance.

Not that we know very much about Alpines, or that their music has been heard by many yet. They seem to be following the all too popular ‘air of mystery’ approach. Their blog gives pictorial hints at their influences – French visionary art, the work of M.C Escher and quotes from American born British based nineteenth century painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler, but there’s very little else. The one musical moment on the blog is a Rankin Film for designer Hannah Marshall's catwalk show, which we feature below, Alpines providing the soundtrack. It’s a song called Drive - a weighty piece of modern electronic majesty founded from strong echoing female vocals, atmospheric beats and ominous ambient keyboard sounds.

Below we’re pleased to stream two further songs by the band – Empire and Survival both of which veer towards darkness but are never so heavy to be fully black – more Dusk Pop than Night Pop perhaps? Each song is cinematic, mountainous and crafted with careful sonic consideration. In many ways Alpines sound is not that far from current big one to watch and long term Breaking More Waves favourite Clare Maguire in that although there is a hint of something deeper and ominous, the bands sound could also fit easily on mainstream radio. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more about Alpines - the only other unconfirmed information we have is that this duo are from outer London-but for now just enjoy their music. You can also download Survival from their Bandcamp page here.

Empire by Alpines

Survival by Alpines

2 comments: said...

Thank you SO much for identifying the song used in the Hannah Marshall video! Now if only THAT was the free download!! If you find anything should let me know!

Anonymous said...

Really love your music!! Fits perfectly with the Hannah Marshall and Rankin video, just beautiful!