Sunday, 5 January 2014

White Royal - New Waves

With a nod to Portishead’s near-perfect song Roads, a touch of the calm vocal serenity of early 90’s band The Beloved and chasms of slow burning downtempo space, Embassy, the debut song from White Royal, a new Leeds based two piece (with extra secret third member / producer Thomas Balmforth), is a welcome tranquillizer of a tune designed to sedate your ears. Combining warm sighing electronics with reverb laden guitars it’s a subtly compelling piece of music that provides the full argument against any of those ‘are bands are dead’ articles that UK music journalists have been wheeling out as they try and find a take on the year ahead by way of the BBC Sound of 2014 list.

Besides the aforementioned third man, White Royal consists of Josh Hobson and Jonty Brown who both have a past history in an appallingly named group called Eric. However we’ll forgive them that one sin because Embassy is a contemplative breath of musical enchantment. It's free to download from their Soundcloud.

White Royal - Embassy

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