Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Salt Ashes - Somebody

Now that Kylie Minogue is being everyone’s sweetheart on BBC1's The Voice and sitting on one of those big red spinning chairs (have they played Spinning Around yet – they really have to don’t they?), we need someone to keep her other seat, throne warm whilst the princess of pop concentrates on being the new queen of talent show TV. Here’s someone who fills the gap perfectly, to the extent that when we played this song for the first time yesterday someone who was in the room at the time asked: “Is this the new single from Kylie?”

It isn’t of course, Somebody is the new single by Brighton’s Salt Ashes (real name Veiga Sanchez). You may remember her from way back here or a bit more recently here with a rather decent Depeche Mode cover. Somebody (also the title of a Depeche Mode tune, but this one is an original) feels like the first ‘proper’ release though, whatever that means these days, with artists uploading and removing tracks from the internet quicker than the speed a prostitutes knickers go up and down.

So now that we’ve agreed (yes we can see you nodding) that there’s undeniably a hint of the Minogue’s to the song, let’s also agree that musically this one’s a sexy pulsing Moroderesque electronic disco-beast with synths that swirl and romp as if they’ve given up any hope of maintaining any degree of decency and have just got straight down to it. 

Somebody is released on the 17 February but for now you can stream it here.

Salt Ashes - Somebody

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tikitodd said...

Big things are on the horizon for Salt Ashes. Mark my words.