Friday, 31 January 2014

24 Hour Blogathon - Longfellow - New Waves

South London’s Longfellow produce music that sounds as if it’s both shooting for the stars but looking in the gutters at the same time, as there's a touch of vastness and melancholy to what they do. Their song Siamese Lover bears hints of bands such as Keane, Geneva and even early Coldplay which actually makes a lot of sense as both Keane and Coldplay put out their earliest releases through label Fierce Panda, who are also releasing Siamese Lover. Siamese Lover has a big jangly heart but there’s stadium ambition here as well, the repeated refrain of “standing on the edge of the world” hinting at the colossal and the dangerous, the song dealing the potential of losing your own identity in a relationship as you become so attached to someone. Remember everyone, no matter how incredible your partner / lover seems, no matter how much you want to be together all the time, as the years go on you’ll realise that relationships can’t last with that sort of intensity. Find some space for yourself as well. 

The video below deals with that kind of intensity, and reminds us a little of the film Heavenly Creatures where two girls become too close to each other with disastrous effects. 

Right that’s relationship advice corner over for the day. On with the music.

Longfellow is made up of Owen Lloyd on vocals, Tom Warhurston on drums, James Thomas on electric guitar  Isaac Shiman on bass and Ali Hetherington  on piano and synth. Siamese Lovers is released this week.

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Longfellow - Siamese Lovers (Video)

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