Friday, 31 January 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : Blossomer - New Waves

Here is a new band called Blossomer.

Here are the facts that we know about them (which frankly isn’t that much at all).

1. Blossomer isn’t actually a new band. They’ve certainly been around at least a year, so point 1 above is technically incorrect.

2. We have yet to find any real evidence that Blossomer is actually a band either. It could just be 1 person in the studio recording lots of instruments and pretending to be more than 1 person on the internet. The only reason we think they are a band is because some other blogs say so, although none of them seem to have any evidence either, but we assume they’ve been told they are a band and aren’t just making it up. Remember folks, just because you've seen something on the internet doesn't make it real. Or does it. Is the internet real life and everything else a lie?

3. They are from Sheffield, or at least from the Sheffield area. We’ve found enough evidence of this on line to convince ourselves of that.

(Are you still with us here? Basically they may or may not be a band but probably are and are almost certainly from Sheffield and aren’t really new unless a band that have been around for at least a year are considered new. They’re new to us anyway.)

4. If Blossomer is a band then we suspect that two of their members are called Alex. 

5. There is a NAKED MAN in the video for their single To The Sea, who is quite literally walking to the sea. He’s not fully naked though because he’s still wearing shoes. At least his feet won’t get cold. (Although he does take them off before he goes into the sea, which is sensible)

6. To The Sea has a minimal, patient and hypnotic feel to it. We’re thinking Wild Beasts as a reference point.

7. We're wondering if You Tube will continue to allow a naked man's bottom on their videos. Let's hope they do eh?

Blossomer - To The Sea (Video)

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