Friday, 31 January 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : Tears & Marble - New Waves

A few weeks ago a new Dutch act got the thumbs up from a number of our favourite blogs with an impressive chilled and almost sorrowful sounding cover version of  Haddaway’s What Is Love. It was a make-over that turned a bad song into good. Now they return with a new tune and the sentiments of this one are pretty downcast to match the heavyhearted moodiness of the electronic music. It’s called We Don’t Love You.

“Hit me with your broken hand, mother never liked you so,” a doleful female vocal begins and from there on in it doesn’t get any cheerier.

Having joined Facebook today (3 hours ago) and with apparently no other information about Tears & Marble on line at the moment, we’re just going to have to live with their anguished wrist-slashing pop music on its own without any other information, but that’s fine because despite the infinite sadness of their songs is rather lovely. They may not love us but we love them.

Tears & Marble - We Don't Love You

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