Friday, 31 January 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : Starts Now - Here's Our Rules

Here we go then. 24 hours of virtually non-stop blogging to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

These are the 10 rules / facts:

1. All content will be created and published during the 24 hours. There will be no pre-scheduled blog posts (except for 1 exception at 13.00 GMT today whilst we have some lunch) In fact right now we have only a couple of ideas of what we're going to be writing. 

2. Posts won’t be cropping up every 5 minutes as we’ll searching for great new music, listening to it and researching the artist if they are unknown to us. We're not planning ahead that much. In fact this is where most time will be spent – writing the post is the end output. That takes the shortest amount of time. We'll probably also be featuring a few tracks that hit our in box over the last few days that we wanted to write about but just didn't have spare time. Today we have lots of time. 

We might hit the wall (pictured above) at some point. If we do there's always the possibility of us writing a post about cooking or household chores instead. You've been warned.

3. Any music posted that comes to us via the email in-box from a PR company or band directly will not simply be a copy and paste of a press release. We will write our own content, just like we always have done.

4. We will only post music that we like. Unless we get desperate and run out, in which case we reserve the right to delete this rule and post any old crap.

5. Not every post will be a new music post. We’ll be breaking up the ‘churnover’ with discussion pieces and anything else that takes our fancy.

6. Not every post will be as long as our normal posts. Particularly at 4.30am. We reserve the right to just bash out a couple of lines and then upload.

7. If you are a PR company or band and we like something you send us and we feature it, it would be great if you would donate a couple of quid using the buttons below. Is this bribery? If it is we really don’t care, after all it’s for a good cause.

8. We’ll occasionally tweet about what we’re doing (maybe even tweeting a picture of our lunch if we get REALLY bored) using the #blogathon. All posts should automatically load to twitter. Please don't unfollow us on Twitter if we're posting too much - instead divert your annoyance by sponsoring us. (We won't be tweeting that much anyway, we'll be busy finding music and writing about it).

9. We will be having breaks. We have to cook, eat and go to the toilet (although we’re thinking a 3am takeaway delivery might be fun – we’re looking at you Kens Kebabs!). Also to avoid RSI we’ll be taking occasional 15 minute rests to exercise our hands and walk around a bit - but we'll probably still be listening to music whilst we do that.

10. Whilst we’re doing all this blogging, if you haven’t already done so, you will give us money, which goes directly to Cancer Research UK. THAT IS THE RULE

Donate using the button below or this link. Thank you.

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