Friday 24 January 2014

Fickle Friends - Swim (Paperwhite Remix)

Some things we’ve learnt about Fickle Friends since we last posted about them:

1. Their blog conquering single Swim is no one off – they have a number of equally vibrant tunes ready to make love to the ears if you catch them at a gig.

2. Fickle Friends may be a band that are relatively new to most of us, but in terms of live performance there’s none of the usual worries that come with new bands and their inability to transform glossy studio sounds into something of merit on stage – Fickle Friends can play and they play sharp.

3. Fickle Friends need a better press shot. This one doesn’t do them justice. They all look far better in the flesh. Mind you, the undersell can be a clever strategy – after all over expectation can only lead to disappointment.

4. Their next single is likely to be called Play.

5. They’re playing a gig in their home town of Brighton on the 30th Jan at the Green Door Store. It’s free entry. This is very good news. See you there perhaps?

6. There’s a remix out there by brother and sister duo Katie and Ben Marshall who go by the name of Paperwhite, who have themselves caught a fair few blogs attention recently with their debut track Got Me Goin’ - a floaty chill-wave sounding tune, full of breathy vocals and textured  feathery magic. It’s that remix that we’re featuring today, which takes the original and lights it up a little further with a just of light coat of electronic bliss and maxed up cowbell. 

Fickle Friends - Swim (Paperwhite Remix)

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