Friday, 31 January 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : Broods - Coattails

People (and by people we mean the people of the internet who write and talk about music, particularly new music) are getting very excited about New Zealand’s brother sister duo Broods. It’s easy to see why, they tick a lot of the boxes that people of the internet who write and talk about music like to write and talk about, including the fact that they’ve worked with man of the moment Joel Little of Lorde fame.

So let’s take a pause for breath and all calm down a bit shall we? We’ve seen the people of the internet who wr… (blah blah blah we don’t need to say that one again do we?) proclaim things like they’re on their way to international stardom and this may or may not be the case, but all we’re saying is let’s not get too worked up about things OK? Broods are undoubtedly good, but the Rules of Pop has a chapter called Barriers And How People In Pop Trip Up Over Them and right now Broods have only jumped the first couple and there’s a lot of them on this rather difficult course. Think of it as the Grand National for musicians with Becher’s Brook still in the distance. Sometimes it's the bands that are equivalent of Foinavon at 100-1 that come through to win.

With those cautious words over, we can now get to the music. Broods have recently posted their debut 6 track EP on Soundcloud, which includes Never Gonna Change which we previously streamed here and this one Coattails, another piece of rich and full bodied electropop which comfortably sits alongside their other small collection of tunes. We wonder what Georgia is referring to as she sings nonchalantly “our souls are meant to be sold, and our friends are only to hope, that I can't do what I'm told.” Is this a reference to the bands current flirtations with the music industry we wonder?

Broods - Coattails

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