Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ms D - New Waves

Ms.D (not to be confused with Ms Dynamite or Ms Mr ) is a name that you might just recognise, as she's already written a number of hits for other acts; but today we’re bringing her to the forefront as a solo artist in her own right, with the exotic sounding Shoot Me With The Truth.

Western pop music has often taken reference from Middle Eastern culture, from Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles through to Britney’s Toxic. On Shoot Me With The Truth Ms.D adds her name to the list of songs and singers that grab those sounds and hypnotise like a snake charmer; it’s a bold and impressive start that in terms of quality far surpasses the tunes that allowed Wiley to frolic round the pool with a bunch of bikini clad ladies and Iggy Azalea to bring club bangers to India (another Middle Eastern reference in that one). Yes Ms.D (real name Dayo Olatunji) penned both of those, demonstrating that this is a lady who has an ear for a radio friendly hook. Now she's adding depth to commercial accessibility as she emerges to take on the world with her own performances.

Take a listen to the evocative worldwide pop of Shoot Me With The Truth below.

Ms D - Shoot Me With The Truth

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