Friday, 31 January 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : Glass - Rae

Jordan Cohen better known as Glass has now put the whole of his Follies and Flames EP up on Soundcloud, following lead track Bed becoming a minor blog hit earlier this month. This U.S musician has produced a set of recordings that possess a warm relaxed electronic soul vibe that make us want to put our sunglasses on and bob our head like a turkey. Our favourite tune from the EP however (besides Bed) is the least songlike of all 6 tracks. Rae finds Glass at his most experimental and atmospheric, from the weird pitch-shifted vocal slices to the strange electronics that slide in and out and tap gently at the headphones. It’s a fascinating and oddly sexy piece of music, designed for the later hours.

“It’s pop with this infused sub-genre that I think really captures the zeitgeist of the times, like what Kanye West is doing and what James Blake is doing—just complete experiments,” Cohen recently told 18 Love Music. Listening through the whole Ep, we can go with that.

Glass - Rae

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