Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Sun Days - New Waves

“The Sundays have reformed,” we screamed as we sprung up from our laptop and hit our head on the ceiling with the force of elated excitement late last year. Pressing play with a nervous twitch we came back to earth with a heavy bump. This wasn’t the angel tones of Harriet Wheeler, who with her band had produced quite possibly the perfect English indie pop album (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic); a record so alluring that every time we thought of it, let alone played it, we drifted into a dreamy world of beguiling guitars, shuffling rhythms and one of the most oh so sweet voices we’d ever heard, not to come up until someone shouted very loudly in our face. The band in question was The Sun Days from Sweden and having shaken ourselves out of our disappointment we declared their tune You Can’t Make Me Make Up My Mind a pretty decent indie track; BUT IT WASN’T THE SUNDAYS WAS IT?

But having this attitude to music and rejecting bands because they’re not the same as a long term addiction that you can’t shake off is a bit like being in bed and telling your current girlfriend or boyfriend that your ex used to do ‘it’ a different way and it felt much better when he / she did it. This is not a good idea. So when a new track from The Sun Days popped up on line a day or so ago we decided to start behaving, pressed play and forgot about the past. Which is odd because Don’t Need To Be Them has an old-school indie sensibility to it which could have come from a time when words like fanzines, C-86, Postcard Records and Sarah Records meant something to hooded anorak music loving geeks. What the tune also has besides that nostalgic kick is a sweet sing your heart out pop melody, a joyous hook, jangles a plenty and something that for four minutes of your miserable life makes nothing else matter.

The Sun Days are Elsa Holmgren on vocal duty, Simon Boontham on guitar, Johan Ramnebrink on bass, Joe Enocsson also on guitar and Erik Bjarnar on drums. Their Facebook commands you to ‘dance or die’. No need to build a coffin, The Sun Days are keeping indie-pop well and truly alive.

The Sun Days - Don't Need To Be Them

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