Friday, 31 January 2014

24 Hour Blogathon - Siobhan Wilson - Laugh + Die

If you’ve been following our 24 hour Blogathon for Cancer Research so far (if you have – make sure you’ve sponsored us – go on we don’t want to have to get like Bob Geldof at Live Aid and have to start shouting “give us your fucking money”) you might remember Rule Number 6 which was "not every post will be as long as our normal blog posts." This is one of those posts, because we want to slot it in before 13.00 GMT where we have the only prescheduled post of the 24 hours going up - the first interview we’ve carried on the blog in the last 5 years. (Can you guess who it is?)

So here’s a quicky. A tranquil acoustic tune from Scotland’s Siobahn Wilson. We know nothing about the song other than it just cropped up on our Soundcloud stream and that it’s a silky smooth delicate gem that made us feel a little bit gooey and in love within seconds of pressing play. It really deserves more words, but I'm sure Siobhan would be happy to know that her music and this bit of text is helping fight Cancer. That's what this is about today.

This blog post is one of a series published as part of Breaking More Waves non-stop 24 hour Blogathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. If you have read this post and enjoyed it or the music we’d really appreciate it if you would donate £2 to Cancer Research using the button below. 

Siobhan Wilson - Laugh + Die

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