Friday, 17 January 2014

Emilie Nicolas - New Waves

The last time we featured a Norwegian artist on Breaking More Waves was electropop lady Margaret Berger back in September 2013, so today we’re ending that drought and introducing Emilie Nicolas, who also uses electronics but sometimes in a very different way to Berger. 

Emilie produces a sound that is at times low-key, minimal and melancholy (she even has a song called Melancholia – where she sings of the sun dying - it may or may not be referencing the end of the world film by Lars von Trier)  but is also capable of making things surge up to something powerfully emotive. The best example of this is Grown Up, a song that we’ve utterly fallen in love with to the point where we almost got on the next plane to Norway. Take a listen to Emilie’s soothing silver voice, the pitter-patter chaos of the baby beats and the warm touch of the instrumentation, and agree with us that it’s something rather special. It’s not all tender intimacy though; elsewhere Emilie hits hard and heavy on the menacing and edgy Fail where at her command you’ll find yourself wanting to touch clouds. Then there’s the peachy Pstereo a cover of another Norwegian band (The DumDum Boys); it's a gorgeously euphoric and life affirming pop gem. 

Now, Norway, we love your Christmas tree that you send to Trafalgar Square in London every year, but please for 2014 can you send Emilie Nicolas over to us instead, and whilst you’re at it take Ylvis back. Thanks.

You'll find more of Emilie's songs here.

Emilie Nicolas - Grown Up

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