Friday, 31 January 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : Sophie Jamieson - Other

Blog Sound 2014 nominee (she was one of our votes) and Breaking More Waves One to Watch 2014 Sophie Jamieson recently sneaked a new song up on line. Titled Other the song was recorded for Sofar Sounds, who curate gigs in people’s living rooms (we’d love them to come to ours except for the fact that by the time we’d put a couple of musicians and their equipment in place there wouldn’t be room to swing a cat let alone fill it with an audience, unless perhaps the audience were tiny baby hobbits).

Other has a real weightiness to it, yet Sophie’s flawless vocal shines through the dense atmospherics. Other is a song to shut your eyes to and find another place. If she were to play it in our living room there’s no doubt the space would only be lit by candlelight and afterwards the audience would probably all feel that little bit closer to each other, having shared something very special. Maybe you're not in that room, but we hope as you listen you can feel something exceptional anyway.

Sophie Jamieson - Other

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