Monday, 6 January 2014

Nomi x Låpsley - Travelling

For the last couple of weeks the majority of artists and the music industry have been on holiday, which from a blogging perspective has been a welcome respite from the daily in-box overload, allowing us to spend time seeking out our own gems for your audio gratification without too much interference from labels and PR. Arguably one of the brightest diamonds we’ve found in that time is Liverpool’s Låpsley.

When we first heard and posted her stunning song Station (if you haven't heard it yet let it make sensual love to your ears here) it had less than a couple of thousand plays on Soundcloud, but in the last week the track has gone super nova hitting up over 50k listens and reaching the Top 5 on Hype Machine's most popular chart. You would imagine after that this new producer of wonder would be giving it a rest, but yesterday evening she uploaded another track called Travelling, this time a collaboration with Manchester’s Sam Kyle aka Nomi (who we assume is the man pictured above and below on his Soundcloud player).

Travelling is the right title for this 9 minute epic. It’s not as song based as Station but instead it’s a journey through techno, downtempo and bass genres that shows the limitless possibilities of computer generated music. Rather like the Jon Hopkins record Immunity, Travelling is a headphones on, eyes shut, lose yourself piece right through to the fading piano and crackling atmospherics at the end, although don't listen in bed as you might just want to dance as well.

Nomi x Låpsley - Travelling

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