Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Indi - New Waves

We’d be lying if we said that the reason we pressed play on this song as we carried out our daily scan of the blogosphere wasn’t anything but for the name of Joel Little being attached to the credits. But with the man on production duty for both Lorde and Broods at the helm for this new one by Indira Force, we really had to have a listen didn’t we? We're glad we did.

So from a musician and singer in New Zealand, via a huge multi-writer blog in San Francisco, to a small d-i-y one in Portsmouth, England, the power of the internet brings you, wherever you are; Indi. 

If you’re a fan of the warped freaky pop of acts like Coco Rosie then you’re probably going to love Indi as there’s a similar vocal range in the song she’s written with Little, although it’s more first time accessible than Coco Rosie’s work. Elsewhere on her Soundcloud things get far more experimental though. There’s lots of ambient instrumental pieces, some of them sounding like demos and half formed ideas not yet fully completed, although there’s an oddball appeal to tracks like Am I Crazy which features repetitive piano chimes and what appears to be the sound of electronic seagulls crying. “I also like the idea of questioning sanity, because I feel like there's a very fine line on which we all balance regarding mental stability - and who defines 'crazy', right?” Indi says of the track. 

These pieces are some distance away from the astral melodies contained within Stay, which gives us a whole new reason to say that we like ‘indi’ music – this is quality pop music, but pop music with depth and edge. 

Also a member of Doprah ( a duo who describe themselves as 'a sinister and evil cult which lures young people into taking drugs' who you can listen to here) we’re hoping that Indi continues towards a path of melody and beauty such as on Stay, whilst maintaining at least a hint of her more leftfield work. Let’s keep an eye and ear on how things progress.

Indi - Stay

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