Thursday, 16 January 2014

PANES - New Waves

A girl (Tyson McVey) and a boy (Shaun Savage) get together and form a band. Nothing unusual there. They come from London. Nothing unusual there either – after all so does what seems like half the groups in the United Kingdom. A few people listen to their music and words like 'slo-mo R n B jam' and 'dark pop' begin to roll off tongues. Nothing unusual there either – in fact the influence of R n B on modern pop music both electronic and otherwise has become so ubiquitous that we’re giving it another year before everyone gets creatively bored and moves onto something else.

But being unusual doesn’t necessarily make something wonderful / great / awesome / incredible [insert whatever word of praise suits you here]. After all BNP candidates are unusual but nobody (or very few people at least) would have anything good to say about them. So whilst PANES may not be that unusual, more the sum of modern multi-cultural references that are influencing significant quarters of modern pop music making and listening in the UK, they still do something good to the ears. Maybe it’s the world weary weightiness of the track, like an up to date version of Massive Attack? Maybe it’s the smooth calmness of the vocals? Maybe it’s the unusual jazzy touches of percussion? It’s certainly the attention to detail; every time we hear the song we hear a new sound, something else going on in the background. Take a listen and enjoy the sound of PANES.

Oh and Tyson McVey is the daughter of Neneh Cherry. That’s pretty unusual too.

PANES - Choice Errors 

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