Saturday, 4 January 2014

Lolo - Gangsters (Feat Giggs)

There’s a comment on the Soundcloud player for Lolo’s new song Gangsters (featuring Giggs) that says ‘just remember….it’s all about Lolo,’ and we’re inclined to agree. With its smart, soulful, retro-sixties, brassy feel the song stands up on its own perfectly well without the involvement of Giggs. In fact his utterance of ‘Giggs, Lolo, yeah, ahhhh, Lolo let’s go…’ at the beginning sounds almost comical. But get past that (and ignore his mid -section rap) and what you have is the song that Duffy should have recorded for her 2010 return instead of the flop Well Well Well. Not as edgy as her earlier songs (you may remember the potent gunshot of Weapon For Saturday when we first introduced her back in June) Gangsters sounds sharp enough that it could well be heading to radio airwaves soon.

Lolo - Gangsters (feat Giggs)

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